To the North: lazy days in Broom

It’s Thursday morning and Stephen is at the hospital getting his second jab. I’ve been processing photos from yesterday, including a morning walk and afternoon and evening at beautiful Gantheaume Point. When we arrived on Tuesday late afternoon it was so humid that our windscreen was fogging up on the inside and the outside, fortunately at different times. We had a takeaway Chinese meal before heading back to the camp at Cable Beach.

Apart from ‘housekeeping’ (shopping, emptying and refilling tanks) we haven’t done very much. Yesterday morning we took a short walk along the path near the Cable Beach car park and I was trying to capture leaves, flowers and cobwebs with dew along the way. The morning was cool, but very humid.

At lunchtime we arrived at Gantheaume Point and were fortunate that the sea fog which we noticed at Cable Beach was still hanging around. It made for more interesting photos than we would usually get in the middle of the day. We stayed until sunset, just to see what the brochures were talking about, and that was very beautiful as well. The fog completely cleared during the afternoon and we were hot in the van.

Back at Cable Beach the Surf Lifesaving Club had a van selling Balinese food. We ordered a couple of meals and by the time we had eaten it was about 6.50 p.m. We rang Matt but it was a busy time for staff and no one picked up. I’ve contacted him this morning and had a bit of chat with him, with support from Eli. They are thinking of picking up a map so he can see where we are. I’m not sure if he is into map reading, but it would be good to learn.

About a week ago I managed to damage the side panel of the bench seating area. I applied some superglue, not expecting to get a good result, but it seems to be working and we are back to using the bench seat, which is a blessing. Although it is annoying to get into past the table leg it is the only seat where I reach to put my feet on the floor when sitting.

These are some photos from our morning walk. I wasn’t using a macro lens, just the kit lens that comes with the Sony A7c.

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  1. Sounds like a great still being had by both of you. Excellent photos. I’m off for a weekend stay at Woodmans point tomorrow. More anon.

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