Notes from the last week or so are in my offline journal as I want to keep this one for our travels.

I forgot to attach the battery cable after checking that the lights were working. We could hear it on the road and had to stop on Sheperton Road in a bus stop to fix it. Two buses came by whilst we were there, I hope they did not find it too inconvenient.

This morning we set out at about 9.00 a.m. Although we had done most of the preparation on Saturday and Sunday, there were still a few things to do. We woke up at 6.00 a.m. and Stephen was first in the shower.

We took the route up through Toodyay, which gave us a chance to stop at the bakery for morning tea (a shared pastie and our choice of coffee or chai latte). We sat on the balcony and wondered how Goomalling would compare to Toodyay as a place to take a mini break. Apart from that, we had one stop along the way, just brief.

When we arrived at the caravan park we were given a choice of where to park, so chose a place with lawn as well as a platform for the caravan. We checked out the toilets and showers which seemed very cold at that time of day. We put up our new rear awning, with a bit of a struggle as we didn’t look up the instructions first. Not too difficult as we got the hang of it. Of course, Ken Peachy staff had shown us how, but that was a few weeks ago.

New awning (1 of 1)
Caravan with both awnings

Our closest neighbour has a large dog, and has set up a little fence to keep him contained. The dog doesn’t know whether to protect his caravan by seeming aggressive when we go by, or seek our attention so we will pet him. We err on the side of caution and keep away.

Our neighbour at the caravan park (1 of 1)
Don’t fence me in

We had a rest after setting up, then after a cup of tea, went for a walk around the town.

Place of Possums (1 of 1)
Goomalling, Place of Possums.

The possum theme comes up again…

Goomalling Shield (1 of 1)
Goomalling Shield
Old School House (1 of 1)
The old schoolhouse

As with other small towns in Australia, the locals appear to take great pride in their town. There are sculptures along one side of the main street and many old building have been renovated and put to use.

Goomalling Sculpture Park (1 of 1)
I couldn’t work out what this one was about, but it’s very attractive.

The tiles appear to have been made by local children.

Goomalling Sculpture Park detail (1 of 1)
Detail from the sculpture above
Goomalling Fire Station sculptures2 (1 of 1)
The local fire station had lots of gnomes and other creatures in the yard
Goomalling old house (1 of 1)
One of the old houses

We did some music practice on our ukes whilst enjoying a Jack Daniels and coke, then I went to have my shower. I had checked out the further ablution block which was newer than the one closer to us. It has ensuite style individual bathrooms. This proved the best option for my shower and elevated this caravan park to 5 stars!

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