Yesterday evening we had dinner with Michaela at a dear little restaurant in the middle of the city. We were confused by her directions on how to get there and ended up catching a taxi. That’s when we found out that we have a taxi stand on the corner of our street.

This morning we were having a lazy morning waiting to change to our new room and talk with Matt on FaceTime. We are still on a six our time difference and talk in the middle of the day. It was quite easy shifting our stuff over and we got out of the house at about 12.30. I had been out earlier to buy some milk and yogurt for our breakfast. We don’t have coffee at this house so I also dropped in at a cafe to get one.

Our lunch was healthy with meat and salad, Lemon drink and coffees after.

We spent the rest of the day just travelling around looking at some of the beautiful buildings and visiting parks. Back home we had Asian food at a little stall near our train station. It was noisy with cars and trams, but the day has been a good temperature, up to about 27 degrees, mostly sunny with some patchy cloud.

There were 2 extra people last night, but they didn’t disturb us. There is a new couple in our old room tonight, at the other end of the apartment. We are not sure how toilets and showers and breakfasts will work out with five of us in the house. Our host puts himself last, so he’s easy.

He is starting his own business and has been consulting us regarding logos and presentations. Running the Airbnb is quite time consuming I imagine, but at least it’s some income to help with the rent.

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