We stayed last night at the Quobba Blowholes Campground and we have one more night here before heading to Carnarvon. Our experience is that it is a good idea to have a meal out in Carnarvon as the food is local and great. But, who knows if that is the case now. Anyway, we will be needing water and some washing could be done there. We are about 75 kms north of Carnarvon at the moment.

On the way here to Quobba we spent a night at the Lyndon River Rest Area (Thursday night) and we are pretty sure we have stopped there on the previous trip to have lunch. We were fortunate enough to get a spot on the river bank (no water in the river) due to being small enough to squeeze between two caravans. There were lots of caravans staying the night and they all left by about 9.15 a.m. We left at about 10.00 and were pleased when we went to the dump point to find that there was still some water in the water containers left by Main Roads so we could rinse our toilet cassette. We have noticed these water containers at dump points before, but they have always been empty.

There was a little rain overnight and today we have ‘sunny spells’, with a very strong wind which is rocking the van. We had already decided to have today as a writing day and it suits us to rest up and just do some short walks locally. There are good hybrid flushing toilets here and although they are supposed to be for day use and we are supposed to use our chemical toilet, we are making use of them for some purposes.

The instructions were to arrive, find a spot to camp, then go online to book your camping. It’s $8.00 per person per night, with a pensioner concession, so $32 for the two nights. We have an ocean view through the windscreen of the van and as the sun is behind us we can leave it open all day to enjoy the view. There is a reef and island protecting this section of the beach from the huge waves, which makes it suitable for swimming in good weather.

After Carnarvon the plan is to visit Kalbarri, then Geraldton, then head inland to see wildflowers. We still have about three weeks before we a due back in Perth.

We didn’t go up close to the blowholes as the first thing we saw on arrival was a huge sign warning about killer king waves.

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