Wednesday – Oxford Day 3

Here are a few more photos from yesterday. The only processing is to resize them for posting here. They were taken in the evening before we caught the bus back to Oxford. The third photo below is my favourite of the day.


A view of the lake
A small cottage near the gate – perhaps formerly the gatekeeper’s lodge

Tuesday – Oxford Day 2 – Blenheim Palace

As usual, the date is a day later as the blog is on Perth time, rather than England time.

Our task today was to visit Blenheim Palace. A sunny, pleasant day made exploring the grounds a lovely experience. We basically wore ourselves out. We made sure we did the funny room to room exhibition described by Bill Bryson as a really bad experience. But then we didn’t have him there doing silent farts…

We had about three session of sitting in cafes for awhile, eating our own fruit and muesli bars as well as having soup and a roll for lunch.

We caught the bus home at about 6.30 p.m. and had a meal at a pub in town before catching the bus back to our B&B. It got cold as the sun set, after a nearly perfect day when I think I got a bit sunburned.

A view across flowers to the lake
FullSizeRender 6
We had lunch in a pavilion off one of the restaurants. It was a bit hot until they opened doors at both ends to let a breeze through.