Travels with the Winnie: Day 55

Barcaldine to Tambo (Stubby Bend Camp on the Barcoo River)

We think ‘river’ is the wrong word, it is more of a small creek.

We had a relaxed morning getting ready to leave. Although we had more to pack up than usual because of settling in at our showgrounds campsite, we still got ready to leave by about 9.30 a.m. We took turns driving. We are still going through rather grey countryside. It is the first time on our journey that the landscape is rather dull, I think possibly because of drought. Fortunately, all of the little towns are attractive and interesting.

I haven’t had a chance to go to Tambo’s main attraction, a Teddy Bear shop. The Teddys are made of wool. That is for tomorrow.

The landscape as we came towards Tambo has changed to be a little more interesting, not quite so flat, and with a range of hills in the distance.

I’ve suggested that we take on the challenge of having free or very cheap camp sites on the way to Warwick. Our first campsite here at Tambo is bush camping quite close to town. There are no toilets here, and it is suggested that is suitable for self contained vans only. That’s us!

Our Street (1 of 1)
Our ‘street’ – of course, there are always lots of other people free camping in good spots

Getting a flat spot was very challenging and we have settled for a slight tilt downwards, with side to side straight as the best we could do. That was after trying several spots. We put out our awning on the sun side, but after sunset have put the awning away as the temperature is dropping. Some people have lit fires, but we enjoyed our time outside without a fire.

no fire (1 of 1)

We went along the Coolabah Walk to get a little exercise before tea.

Coolibah Walk sunset2 (1 of 1)
Coolabah Walk
Coolibar Walk (1 of 1)
Stephen admiring the trees
Coolibarh Walk sunset (1 of 1)
setting sun
Stephen and the tree (1 of 1)
Stephen and the tree
evening light (1 of 1)
After sunset

We had a risotto for tea, with tuna as our protein. We have good internet and I was able to get ideas from different recipies. Then we had fresh fruit and yogurt, as usual. We also have good TV reception and for the first time in a while have ABC access. SBS often works, but the ABC is rare.

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