Tambo to Morven

Our featured photo today shows off our growing family – we have a new addition, a Tambo Teddy called Rosclare Reuban. He is made of wool, and the story of the Tambo Teddies is quite interesting. The price of wool was plummeting, and the teddies were a way to highlight the great qualities of wool. The teddy shop has a sign outside:

Teddies crossing (1 of 1)

Tambo Teddies (1 of 1)
some of the koala style teddies

Apparently the overlocker machine works the opposite way to a normal one. The pieces of wool are cut out using a stanley trimmer, based on patterns, then the teddies are individually sewn using this machine. The wool isn’t local as the merino wool is unsuitable. However, it is Australian wool.

Stephen at Stubby Bend (1 of 1)
Stephen at Stubby Bend
Kenniff tree - coolabah tree (1 of 1)
We stopped for lunch on the way at Augathella, and Stephen was able to find an actual coolabah tree. It is called the Kenniff Tree, named after a bushranger.
Queenslander home (1 of 1)
I liked this traditional Queenslander home
our site at Morven showgrounds (1 of 1)
Our site at Morven Showgrounds. To plug into power we have to be quite close to a couple of caravans, which are hidden in this shot. We didn’t score water, but will be able to fill up when one of the caravans leaves early in the morning. We have toilets and showers, all for the cost of $10 per night!

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