I worked Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning at the hostel where I first worked with Disability Services. I like catching up with the staff and residents. The only challenge is in finding the work quite heavy at times, although it must be admitted that most of the time the work isn’t hard.

On Wednesday I was speaking with Jamie and we worked out a date for Mum to move to the granny flat and yesterday we canned it because I realised that both Jamie and Tracy would be away for a few days after the move. I’ve been very stressed about the whole thing but talked with Marie a bit, then clarified a couple of things with Jamie and Tracy, and now feel much calmer. Joy is not feeling calm at all, but very stressed especially as she can’t make sense of the timescale. She thought Saturday morning was the day of the move, despite things not being packed up.

Matt came home in his new wheelchair tonight, with a few patches of paint missing. Odd. It is much easier for us to drive than the old one, but we had difficulty giving him a go as I only worked out that the plug was in the wrong position at the end of the night.  Hidde mentioned that the tilt was still not right for eating, but he has a mealtime management review coming up and he made a note in the diary to check up on this.


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