Elizabeth Quay (Betty’s Jetty)

I think the bracketed title best describes the rather messy area that is EQ. I went over to the Sunday Market in the morning (to make our first slow cooker meal for the autumn), then we went to South Perth and caught the ferry over the river on Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed walking around exploring and had a drink at one of the bars in the older section. We enjoyed the walk and found it interesting, but there doesn’t appear to be an overall design concept, it feels like bits and bobs that are lumped together.

We stayed for the last of the daylight before heading home.

On Monday I sent 6 tins of milk formula to Della. I wanted to ask her what the Chinese thought of the visit from our latest Prime Minister and whether he behaved himself and didn’t bring up human rights issues. It would be embarrassing if he did, given Australia’s own record on human rights. We have no right to lecture other countries.

We went to a talk at UWA on Medieval History and it’s ongoing relelvance today. A very interesting view of our past and present attitudes to the so called Dark Ages and our co opting of imagery to suit present day war.

Today I did training through DSC on Dementia and Intellectual Disability. Thing is, most of it was on Dementia, we had to make the links ourselves to our own work. Thoroughly relelvant for me and very helpful indeed. However, its difficult to see Joy, my mother, in that context, which is a good thing, perhaps. I still see her as the individual she has always been, but with a few problems.

Gumnuts, Elizabeth Quay
I gather this is to represent an indigenous spirit.
This Japanese man is paying for his holiday with some busking. He appreciated a small donation, and posed for this photo whilst continuing to play
I call this one ‘Me and my swan’