Monday evening

A not very eventful day. We walked up to Hillview Tce so that I could drop of my monthly statement for my supervisor. We walked back again, stopping at the Dome cafe on the way back, then going into the shopping centre for a few things. It was a walk of under 4kms according to my phone, so nothing like the walking we did when we were on holidays. Still, it was an alternative to going for a swim. We stopped doing that a few weeks ago and it is hard to get started again.

I bought some dumplings for lunch from our local Chinese restaurant. Walking past all of the great places to eat just in our little section of Vic Park is guaranteed to make you hungry even thoug we had a good breakfast of tomatoes and egg. Using up the squashy tomotos in the fridge.

I’m feeling much more relaxed today overall.

I wanted to mention here about the Mahler concert. I’ve been picking Stephen up from WASO chorus rehearsal for a while as they moved back to the Fortress in Northbridge. We thought the move to the Concert Hall for rehearsals would be permanent, but it was not the case. Stephen was unsure about whether or not to perform in the Friday and Saturday night concerts in case he had a seizure on stage, but decided to go ahead and it all worked out.

Eversley was able to come with me on Saturday night (we had free tickets). She is a Mahler fan and I’m not, but the concert was actually grand – it was the Resurection Symphony and the only item on the programme, which meant the audience became deeply immersed in the music. We went to the pre concert talk which was great as well. The speaker told us quite a lot about Mahler and the background to the music. It was a really special night. We couldn’t actually see Stephen on the stage as we were in the wrong part of the auditorium, probably more relaxing for me as I wasn’t watching him and wondering if…

This afternoon Stephen started to do practice on his recorder, so I got out my violin. I wanted to check to make sure everything was working as it doesn’t like just sitting in it’s case. As usual, it wasn’t much out of tune. I tuned by ear, then used the electronic tuner for fine tuning at the end. Lovely to see the green dot once the strings are on pitch. There is still one note that particularly ‘sings’ when I play it, I wish all of the notes sounded like it.