Les Liaisons dangereuses

On Saturday we caught the bus to Fremantle to see a film of the play. It was quite wonderful and really drew us into the story. Good acting by actors that we know from TV. We walked down to the harbour for a cup of tea, then had a walk out on the South Mole before having chowder, wine and beer. This summary doesn’t really capture it, but all I can do for now.

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We caught the train home and walked from the station to our house. For once, I exceeded the goal of 10,000 steps. But, I was very tired indeed, even the next day.

Sunday was rather nice as Marie and Geoff came for lunch and we discussed the possibility of a trip to Karijini National Park in our caravans in July. We discussed it and I showed photos from when Stephen and I went in 2014.

In the even we had Matt to tea and he enjoyed dancing around (going in circles) in his wheelchair.

Today I took my Sony A7RII to have it’s sensor cleaned, picked up some frozen meals from the Rod Evan’s Centre, renewed my driver’s licence, bought a couple of tins of milk formula and got the car filled up.

I was a bit on the alert for the possibility of being rung up about work, but nothing happened. We spoke with Marie Hastings on the phone, Stephen in the morning and me in the afternoon. It was lovely to hear her voice on the phone after probably about four years. She spoke about some of the events that have been difficult for her, but was also a sympathetic listener when I spoke about my mother.