Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday we went for a swim in the morning, then had breakfast at the Riverton Bridge cafe. We often think of Stephen’s father when we are there as he came to the old version of the cafe, before all the upgrading. It was a very attractive place to have coffee even then.

We did some shopping on the way home. Stephen went to WASO Chorus in the evening. Although he is thinking of pulling out of the concert (rather than risk having a fit on stage), he wants to continue with the chorus until he has the assessment for this year. It is done in small groups and the more people take the assessment, the better it is for those who take it. I picked him up at 9.30 p.m.

This morning we tried to ring Mum before I left, then Stephen tried at 9.30 a.m. when I was on my way. She is now going to the back area to have her cigararettes and I think she doesn’t hear the phone. Anyway, she was cross that I was late to take her to the appointment and I was cross that she hadn’t cross checked her little weather station which gives the day and date with her calendar, which would have let her know that it was only Wednesday and the appointment is not until this Friday. I also found that she was not wearing the personal alarm that I set up for her last week.

After some cross words we decided to put it behind us and went out to get petrol and something tasty for lunch. We watched the movie ‘Cast Away’ and enjoyed the drama and suspense of our hero living on a desert island.

It’s not clear to me whether Mum will actually wear the personal alarm. I am also wondering what will happen on Friday morning, whether she will actually get herself ready.

The featured image was taken on my iPhone and processed into B&W using a Lightroom filter. I love this sign, so quirky and so Victoria Park!

At the writers festival recently I went to a talk about writing crime fiction.  I decided to give all the writers a tryout by reading one of their books. There was a trilogy on offer by Peter May, and after beginning the book I was completely taken over and read very quickly through the first and onto the second. I also found out about his book of photos from the Outer Hebrides (not taken by him, but giving his experiences on the islands and using photos by one of his former colleagues). It was a long download even on our fast NBN because of the high quality photos.

Thanks to Peter Croft, I know how to export my WordPress blog as a word document, which I can then use as the basis for a book. Peter May’s book gives me some ideas for how to go about creating something that is interesting and visually stunning. My own photos may not match, but I think the story of our journey and many of the places we visited are also very interesting if presented well. I’m planning on giving it a go, using iBooks Author to create digital book.