More days slip by

Nothing too remarkable about this time with only a little time available for photography. We celebrated Matt’s birthday on Sunday by going over to his house. Francis and Hidde organised dinner, with a birthday cake afterwards. It was a very pleasant time with Matt’s co residents and staff. I was feeling very stressed because of decisions to make about care for my mother and it was probably showing in my face, but Hidde said when he asked Matt later if he enjoyed the evening he had a big smile to indicate ‘yes’.

I had an afternoon shift on Friday and cancelled the booked shift on Sunday so that we could have a family meeting. It went quite well and I have been gradually feeling a little calmer since then.

Yesterday I worked a ‘swing shift’, starting at 12.00 and finishing at 6.00 p.m. Once again I did the cooking and a lot of washing up. We had an extra staff member who was doing an induction, which was helpful.

Today we didn’t go for a swim as we both found it difficult to get up early, but had a walk in the neighbourhood before a cooked breakfast at home. Very nice, with both of us in the kitchen.

On Wednesday 23rd Stephen came with me to see Mum. I dropped him in Mundaring to return a library book, then picked her up to do some banking and shopping in Mundaring and took Stephen back for lunch. We watched a movie in the afternoon and left at approximately 4.30 p.m.

Marie had mentioned about taking some photos of the interior of Mum’s house, which I did, but notice that the rooms were not particularly tidy. However, the overall lovely feel of the house means that it looks comfortably homelike.

Della sent me an email to ask how Stephen is going, so I sent her an update.

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