South: Esperance

We had a restful day today. We were able to get two more nights at the caravan park, but had to move back from our prime position with a view of the ocean to being in the middle of the caravan park. We moved, then took the morning off, reading, in my case, and studying Mandarin in Stephen’s case. I did some hand washing just to keep up a bit.

We left the park at about 3:00 pm to do some shopping and go for a drive along the ocean front. We passed several car parks overlooking the beach until we found one on a point between two bays, with views of each. We sat for a while, then walked down to the ocean.

The photos here are actually from a different beach where we stopped on the way home.

We cooked sausages in the electric frying pan outside, the evening was mild and there was little wind. When we walked down to the beach after doing dishes, we found it was quite windy. There is no wind at our campsite. Odd!

We have, of course, sprung a leak – it’s under the kitchen sink where the plumber worked on when we were on our long trip. It’s the water inlet hose and leaks whether we are using our tank or outside water. It starts to leak as soon as we put the pump on. We will try to get a plumber to look at it tomorrow. Stephen tried tightening it up by hand, but it’s a very awkward place to work in. I’ve put a plastic container underneath the leak for the moment. At least Stephen doesn’t have to connect up the water hose, and we have a campers kitchen where we can do the dishes.

There are about seven plumbing companies here in Esperance, so we should be able to get help.

I’m posting from my iPad, and yesterday when I did this I found lots of typos. I hope it’s better tonight because I’m too tired to check.

These photos are full sized rather than the very compressed size of yesterday’s photos, I hope they will look better and do more justice to the beautiful scenery.


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  1. Photo are very good. Always good but extra clear. Brief visit to Mum – Glenn phoned up and we had to rescue him. Mum seems Ree

    • Thank you. Hedgehog came with us, he said he’s never been to Esperance before and really wanted to come. We said he had to make himself useful if he came. He’s been working hard supporting cooking spoons…

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