South: Ravensthorpe to Esperance

We feel very satisfied to have reached Esperance today, the final eastwards destination of our trip. We thought we might spend a night at Stokes Inlet at a National parks campground, but when we turned off there was a sign saying the campground was full. We pulled over to have lunch shortly afterwards. We made one phone call to a caravan park on the beach at Esperance and managed to get a birth for the night. There is free camping about 20kms to the north if we can’t get another night here. We will want to go out in the van exploring anyway.

After a cup of tea we went for a walk along the beachfront. There was a lot of erosion, so they have built up the beach front with rocks and made some little groins, all from an attractive reddish stone. There are fresh green lawns and Norfolk pines, some with very thick trunks. There is an old jetty and islands in the bay that make this area very attractive indeed. We explored a lookout which gave us quite a different point of view. I took the short video from that vantage point.

This was taken from a lookout.


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