South: Esperance 2nd day

We found the local caravan repair specialist on Google and went for a visit this morning. We were able to make an appointment for 1:30 pm, so went and spent time at the Dome cafe working on our stuff, me photos, Stephen Mandarin.

It took about half an hour to fix the problem and they really seemed to know their stuff. Afterwards Stephen visited the Museum to learn some local history whilst I read. I’m reading a book written by a girl who escaped from North Korea. The book is called ‘In Order to Live’ and tells of the hardships endured by herself and her family after they escaped North Korea because of the cruelty of the people smugglers.

We went and had wonderful ice creams in waffle cones afterwards.

There is a model railway on the foreshore, with a dear little clock tower that chimes on the hour, well sort of, the chimes happened five minutes after the hour, even by its own telling. There is a small marina, with a bathing beach where the water is shallow and calm.

We went back to the caravan park to sit outside for awhile before tea. We are working through ‘The Crown” on Netflix, one episode each night. Theoretically we should be able to watch TV live, but our aerial only works reliably in cities, and just occasionally in a small towns.

There were two pavilions near the train station with upturned eves which looked rather Chinese.


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