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Matthew gave me a rose on Sunday night – this is taken from one of the video clips – I was making one of our ‘cooking movies’ – and plan to end up with a short movie made up of some of the highlights.

At choir this evening I was reminded of something that happened on Tuesday. I caught the bus to Officeworks in sunshine, then whilst I was there the rain started, very heavy at first, then lighter, but persistent. I left, but decided to go down Albany Highway where I could get shelter. I checked for the hourly bus and would have had to wait about 25 minutes, so went into Eastern Antz for a coffee while waiting.

A woman came and sat at my table and commented on the rain, and I said it was a bit of problem since I was catching the bus. She asked where I was headed and said she would be happy to give me a lift when she had finished her coffee. She drank quite quickly as she had lots to do, but she still took the time to drop me at the end of our drive.

It really made my day, as you can imagine. The rose picture is here because her name is Rose.

Eastern Antz is the cafe up near Officeworks, Western Antz is the one near where we live. My terms, I don’t know what they call them.

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