Travels with the Winnie: Day 2,504 (14 actually, but that is what it feels like)

Redhill, SA

It does feel as if we have been travelling for a long time. We made a big effort this morning, getting away at about 8.40 a.m. and travelling 289 kms to our last free camping spot before Adelaide. It’s been bright an sunny all day, with wonderful views of the Flinders Ranges coming through Port Augusta.

We stopped at Port Augusta for coffee and toasted pineapple and coconut cake – at Macdonald’s. Stephen was delighted with the cheapness. The cake was particularly delicious, I have to say. As we were leaving I was delighting in the views and fell off the kerb. A shock to my body and a bit embarrassing as well! I have a few sore spots, but no interesting bruises, unfortunately.

Stephen was feeling a bit under the weather with a headache. He did some of the driving anyway, and we arrived here at Redhill at about 4.30 p.m. There are no other vehicles in this spot which is quite attractive with lots of trees, rather like being in a park. The toilets are open 24 hours, but a bit of a hike from here. Still, we only need them for emergencies. When I say ‘free’, we actually paid $2.00 at the General Store.

There was frost around this morning in Kimba, and we are told that it will be around zero here overnight as well.

Frost on the bin. Our vehicles had frost on them and it took the Winnie engine quite a long time to warm up

We had lunch at a sleepy little placed called Port Germein. It suffered major damage to the ferry in the storms early this year and it has only just been repaired. I’m not sure how the historic lighthouse and tidal clock survived.

Red Capped Wanderer at Port Germein (1 of 1)
Old Lighthouse and Red Capped Wanderer
tidal clock at Port Germein (1 of 1)
Tidal Clock at Port Germein
lunchtime spot at Port Germein (1 of 1)
Our lunchtime parking spot. We needed bread for our lunch and had to buy white bread, the only type available at the odd little General Store
tide out at Port Germein (1 of 1)
The hills behind the town and the interesting stone houses made this an unexpectedly delightful lunch spot. I learned a little about the place from this lady walking her dog.

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  1. Do I sense some travel weariness? It’s feeling quite an adventure… good luck for the people who do it 22 times… once was enough for me…but then this move between suburbs.. hopefully for the last time in my life,,,is feeling even grander right now. My back has ‘gone out’ in sympathy… so I have enlisted three ‘boys’ of the next generation to help me today…and tomorrow I’m just going out for lunch.

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