Travels with the Winnie: Day 15

Hackney, Adelaide, SA

The photo above is the General Store at Redhill where we paid our $2.00 for last night. We had a very peaceful night, keeping snug and warm in our bed until it was time to get up. We put the heater on and had cups of tea in bed until it went from 2 degrees to about 12. I didn’t test the temperature in the bathroom, it was warmer there.

We went for a walk before leaving.

morning walk at Red Hill (1 of 1)
This little river was near the General Store. The bridge that we can see is actually out of commission, with a big hole in it and lots of grass growing on it
Winnie at Red Hill (1 of 1)
The Winnie at our overnight parking spot


This garden at Redhill had been decorated with all sorts of things, coloured handkerchiefs and hats in trees, dolls, flags and fluffy toys, etc. Too many things to mention. Someone went a little crazy, and the overall effect was very interesting.

Lochiel1 (1 of 1)
We had a short stop at Lochiel on the way south to Adelaide. The sun was in the wrong spot for photography
Winnie at our Caravan Park, Hackney, Adelaide, SA (1 of 1)
And here we are at the caravan park in Adelaide

It seemed a particularly easy day of driving today. We made frequent stops, and still arrived here at about 3.00 p.m. We set up, did two loads of washing, put a meal to cook in the pressure cooker and went for a short walk around our local area. There is a cafe in one direction and rather nice pub in another. Where we are staying is quite upmarket, it seems odd to have a caravan park here, but nice for us.

The novelty of having normal running water and power is hopefully enough to make up for being back in a city. The facilities are very clean and attractive and we are looking forward to having showers. We will still have to brave the cold to go outside the Winnie. As I’ve hung washing in the bathroom there isn’t much room to have our normal washes.

It looked like the weather would be changing to being very wet, but latest forecasts predict possible showers in the next couple of days, not too bad.

I accidently gave my script for medication to the staff at Regis when I was giving them Mum’s scripts. They gave it to Marie and she has kindly posted it here to the caravan park. We are booked for four nights, but can stay an extra few days to wait for it to arrive if necessary. Stephen is planning all sorts of things for us to do here in Adelaide.

2 thoughts on “Travels with the Winnie: Day 15

  1. Good to arrive and have a rest, and Adelaide is a peaceful place…That was brave leaving the pressure cooker on while you went out! Enjoy waiting for the mail. I’ve finally resorted to the ‘panadol osteo’ treatment for the back… so hopefully it will be a short term wonder. We have had a couple of days of smoke here, and no rain… which was expected…so at least I don’t have to worry about heating… worked out 10 degrees at night is the minimum I can handle… so you are doing very well.. but then there are the two of you!! And maybe an electric blanket? Perhaps I should be censoring these remarks…but I havene’t worked out how to edit them… next time!! Enjoy your break from driving…

    1. I bought a level 3 doona for the Winnie, that seems to be just about all we need, though I get a bit of cold coming down from the window on my side, so an extra covering that I can wrap on that side is helpful. I bought it in Target and it’s a mix of down and synthetic material. Having two of us in a smallish bed is also beneficial. The Winnie is still quite a small space to heat up, I seem to feel colder in our house.

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