Our stay in York began with booking accommodation and train tickets. Because we are now three people we were able to consider having a small house with two bedrooms. We stayed at an older house that has been renovated to a high standard. Our host provided everything we could possibly need, even to supplying a French press as I requested when we arrived. Eversley took a free tour with him, which basically consisted of walking from the house into town, with history points on the way. He contacted us last night to ask if we wanted a lift to the station today, and of course we said yes. Stephen had checked out a left luggage place near the station where we left some bags. He was appalled at the price however, and it was probably a better idea to travel to and from the house this morning as I’m sure our host would have held our bags for us until we travel.

Our train booking is at 2.00 p.m., but actually we can catch it any time out of peak hours (don’t apply on Sundays anyway). We chose this later time because of the cycle challenge which passes past our house today, resulting in the road being closed to normal traffic until 3.30 p.m.

This has meant that we have time to do a little more sight seeing. Stephen was able to extend a museum ticket until today, so has gone back to finish off. I walked around the Minster again to pick up on things I missed last time. Eversley is also wandering around and thought of going to a church service. I chose to spend some time on my own in a cafe to do some writing and this will be our meeting point for lunch.

Where we are staying has a very good bus service for getting into the city centre, plus we were able to catch the bus to Whitby from the same stop. The city centre is very pedestrian friendly, in fact, it is best explored by public transport and on foot. Many roads in the centre are closed to cars and more closures are planned. We didn’t check on parking costs, but actually finding parking might be difficult as well.

There is one more thing I would like to see which is the Railway Museum, strategically located near the train station, but I don’t know if we will have time.

Monday 23rd September.

The journey home wasn’t very long, but we were tired when we arrived. Eversley said the morning service at York Minster was good as the choir sang through the service. Stephen was happy that he finished off his museum.

Now all we need to do is decide what to do for our last week here in Cragg Vale.

Eversley, Shaun and Susan, plus bags.

We saw this apparently lost bear near Clifton Tower.

Although York is very pedestrian friendly with many streets closed to cars, this carpark is near Clifton Tower and has lots of spaces.

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