We woke up to rain, and rushed out to bring in our chairs and mat. After we had them stowed the rain stopped. It was cloudy and windy, which made it easier to leave. When we got out of the van we were putting on our warmest gear. Interesting that we thought to bring it, though Stephen is using layers as he hasn’t brought his winter jacket.

We drove down to the Porongurups and visited the Castle Rock car park.

We decided the walk would be too much for today. It began to rain again, and continued off and on until we got to Mt Barker.

We then drove to the Tree in the Rock picnic area and had our lunch and a rest there. We were amongst Kari trees, beautiful!

The Tree in the Rock.

We went to the IGA in Mt Barker for our shopping. It is the most wonderful supermarket, I wish we had it at home. Stephen said the fruit and vegetables were really good, I appreciated the range of goods and the spacious layout, usually a new supermarket can be confusing, but it was easy to find things. We had a list, but got a few extras.

We then went to the free RV parking, just part of a council car park. There is a dump point and water available at the information centre. We even have TV reception, very unusual for us.

There is one other van parked here with a young couple that we have spoken with briefly.

We’ve had dinner at the local Chinese restaurant, it was OK, not great, but nice to not have to cook. I’ve got a sore should and neck at the moment, Stephen did some massage which has helped, it’s much better now.

Some more photos from the Porongurups.

We really enjoyed our time at the Stirling Ranges National Park and I hope we go back there soon. We are thinking of coming back to the Ravensthorpe area for wildflowers this year, rather than going north.

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