South: Stirling Ranges Day 4

As you can see from the featured image we had a swim at about 6.00 p.m., a lovely way to round off  the day. Stephen wants you to read the sign behind him “Please don’t pee in our pool”. I got a shock when I went in as I was expecting chlorine and instead it was a salt water pool. My eyes were stinging because it was so strong, but settled down after a little while.

This morning we got up early again to do another walk that is marked on our map. We started by walking down the road to Bluff Knoll and finished by walking into the caravan park from another direction. This walk was a little longer and less flat than the previous one, but still quite easy. It was mostly cloudy which made it very pleasant despite high humidity.

Stirling Ranges Day four (1 of 6).jpg

Stirling Ranges Day four (4 of 6).jpg

We left at 7.10 a.m. and were home by about 9.10. Having breakfast was our first priority!

Apart from the walk and the swim we’ve had a restful day, reading, working on Mandarin, and processing photos. It was fairly hot by midday and we had the air conditioning on for about an hour. The caravan park office had their air conditioner going until about 6.00 p.m., so we don’t feel bad about using the electricity. We have a fan which helps when we don’t have a breeze.

We did another load of washing today, and the heat, plus a strong wind, which came in the middle of afternoon, ensured that everything got dry, if rather dusty. There is a layer of fine dust over everything it seems.

We are running a little low on food. Fortunately the office sells a few staples and we were able to get meat for our evening meal and some bread. Shopping tomorrow!

As the internet is particularly slow I won’t try to post any more photos from today.


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