South: Stirling Ranges Day 3

Today we went up to Bluff Knoll and had lunch in the car park. It was a very steep drive in parts, but the Winnie handled it well, of course. I was quite anxious about driving down again, but it was easier than I expected. We have done quite steep driving before.

There were quite wonderful views all around. We didn’t feel tempted to climb the rest of the way, although the car park has been upgraded and is pretty swish, photos we saw of the climb suggest that there are still lots of places where you can slip and slide on gravel.

When we came down from BK we went to the cafe for ice creams and coffee. We went for a walk around the caravan park this evening. It’s quite large with accomodation spread out through the bush and unexpected BBQs and picnic settings. We had a look at the swimming pool and tested the water, not too cold. It will be warm tomorrow and we may go for a swim.

We’ve just finished watching the second season the The Crown and are looking forward to the next season, though I think it may be several months away.

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