South: Stirling Ranges Day Two

Today we decided to have a total rest day, with no driving. We set the alarm for 6:00 am, and after a cup of tea and a wash we packed water, muesli bars and my cameras and went on one of the two local walks into the National Park. It was about 4 kms long, walking towards the mountains through bush, then curving back around alongside fields.

There were wildflowers and plants with interesting leaves.

This kangaroo appeared to be stuck in the field, he was hopping along the fence, backwards and forwards. There were holes dug under the fence by kangaroos, and piles of gravelling stone where the frustrated farmer had filled them in. We did see one kangaroo dead hung up on the fence, very sad to see. It must have tried to jump over.

This was where we had our muesli bars and water.

There are trails in the park with plants marked.

We had breakfast when we got back to the van. I did some washing, whilst Stephen had one of our gas bottles refilled.

New since we were here last, many years ago, is the cafe across the road from the caravan park. We went there for lunch and spent a couple of hours, sitting at our table, then in a comfortable lounge area. It’s a quirky place, with a collection of guitars that the owner shows to customers, and a range of grocery items that reflect the international needs of visitors, such as large bags of rice and large bags of extra large marshmallows. But there is generally useful stuff as well.

We have decided to make this place our base. They offer a deal of four nights for the price of three, and have given us a large RESERVED sign we can use as we go off to explore in the next couple of days.

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