South: Ravensthorpe to Stirling Ranges National Park

I didn’t want to leave Ravensthorpe this morning without getting a photo of the artwork on the silos. So, we parked on a side road and I walked back a few hundred metres to get the shot. They don’t appear to realise that there needs to be a viewing place where people can easily get a good photo.

After retracing our way to Chester Pass Road, a couple of hundred kilometres, we had the joy of being able to see the Stirling Ranges gradually get larger and larger. The road winds a fair bit and you keep wondering if you will actually get there.

Eventually we got here and are staying at the Stirling Ranges Retreat. We have stayed here a couple of times in the past, in the rammed earth cottages, but it was a long, long time ago.

We can see Bluff Knoll, at least I think it’s BK, a little bit through the trees, but have a better view of another mountain behind our van.

I did some washing when we arrived, and we had a rest. At 6:00 we contacted Matt on FaceTime and he looked happy and relaxed.

We walked around the local area a bit, but I was focused on getting a sunset shot of the mountain behind us.

We watched another episode of The Crown after tea, then had our showers. I wanted to see what the photos were like, so uploaded some to my iPad, did a bit of processing in Snapseed, and used some for this blog. We are going to stay here for at least a couple of nights.


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