Crossing the Nullabour: Day 6(adjusted for actual travel days)

Baxter Rest Area to Moodini Rest Area Wednesday 27th March, 2019

There was dew on the van this morning which must have made a little puddle on the roof. I woke up around 6:00 to Stephen banging on the ceiling to try to get them off. I went outside and that scared them!

We’ve been visiting a few roadhouses including Cocklebiddy where we were able to fill up our water tank for $6.00. I forgot they had that facility. We went past the turnoff to the Eyre Bird Observatory where we stayed a few years ago when Rob and Rita were volunteer staff.

Our plan was to stay at Madura up the hill from the roadhouse. We had lunch and a rest. It was quite warm and we felt like travelling a little further. This rest area came recommended on WikiCamps, and we are finis. It a good spot with lots of camp sites even for bigger vans.

Accidentally, we chose a spot in the Winnebago Leisure Seeker section.

It was still warm when we arrived here and we had a go at sitting outside, only to give up after being bitten and harassed by various insects, including some vicious tiny black ants.

We found driving until late was very tiring yesterday, and have taken things easy today. I really want to have an overnight at Eucla tomorrow. It will be a chance to plus into power and have showers. There is no water to the caravan sites of course.

We have only two bars of internet here. It’s difficult to load images.