Crossing the Nullabour: Day 9

Norseman to Baxter Rest area. Tuesday March 26th, 2019


We had some things to do before leaving today. We filled up our water tank and water containers, very important as this is the last time we will be able to do so until we reach the Nullabour Roadhouse near Head of Bight. We also refuelled. Although we got up shortly after 6.00 a.m. it was about 10.00 before we left.

Our aim was to reach the Baxter Rest Area. We have stayed here before and knew to drive in along a dirt road, past many vans, to reach an area of blue metal for our overnight. There is one other van near us and they were here first. We hope they don’t mind us being here, but privacy is never guaranteed when free camping.

The journey was about 300 kms, with a total travel time of about 6 hours with morning tea break, lunch break at Balladonia and other shorter stops. We each did about half the driving. We are currently in the 90 Mile Straight section of Eyre Highway.

In the morning we were in woodlands, but as we travelled further east there were areas of heathland and then dry, small shrubs. The Baxter Rest Area has a lot of trees and this must have been why it was located in this spot.

great western woodlands near Norseman2 (1 of 1).jpg
Woodlands East of Norseman along the Eyre Highway.
great western woodlands near Norseman (1 of 1).jpg
Another view from this morning
sunset through trees (1 of 1).jpg
towards sunset at Baxter Rest Area
sunset over Winnie (1 of 1).jpg
our spot for the night

We are very tired at the moment, though looking forward to stepping out of the van to see the stars. There was a little cloud around as we travelled, but it has been perfectly clear since we arrived.

The photo at the top was taken during sunset. It was orange to the west and pink and blue to the east.