Day 8 continued…

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Ben and his wife Jacinta drove their truck into our camping area. They said they have driven past many times and wanted to check it out. Some of us campers were taking photos of the sunset and the truck was in the way. Jacinta invited me to sit in the driver’s cab and Ben took a couple of photos.

truck driving better (1 of 1).jpg
If you look carefully you can see me in the driver’s seat.

How beautiful it is! Smells wonderful, all leather. Lots of dials. They let me pull the big horn. They have a good sound system, and that’s all I had time for.

I have been following Ben of The Drone Way on Facebook since the ABC had an article about him a few weeks ago.

A very special Nullabour adventure.

truck driving can't see it's me (1 of 1).jpg
You can’t see me in this photo, but this is what the truck looks like.

Ben took the photos on my camera, so I’m not sure about copyright.

sunset - head of bight (1 of 1).jpg
The sunset was great as well.


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