Day 4 – Yerdani Well to Kalgoorlie

Not a very long journey today, just under 100 kms. We stopped briefly in Coolgardie, just long enough for Stephen to go out with the Gopro and do his thing.

In Kalgoorlie we wanted to go to the Visitors Centre first thing. We took in a cafe for hot drinks and a shared toastie as it was midday and I was hungry. At the Visitors Centre we were able to confirm that many things had opened just this week. She showed us the local attractions on a town map and gave us a brochure. I bought a glasses case which I can attach to my camera bag strap to facilitate swapping between normal and sun glasses.

Our next stop was Coles where we stocked up on fresh bread, rolls, vegetables and fruit. Then on to dump our toilet cassette and fill up some containers of drinking water. We went to the 24hr Rest Stop – quite a nice location a little out of town where we had a rest. Stephen wanted to go to a bushland reserve and we drove there to have afternoon tea. I needed another rest, so Stephen set off on the paths with his Gopro in hand. After resting I went out as well, though missed the path he was on and we met up back near the gate at sunset. I enjoyed taking photos of the bushland at sunset.

We had asked the person at the Visitor Centre about Chinese restaurants and chose one of her recommendations for our evening meal. On the way there we filled up with fuel at a Puma station where we get an RAC discount. We will be in Kalgoorlie for at least a couple more days as there is far more here than just the super pit and other mines. There are many old and interesting buildings in the town centre, plus driving through the streets there are some very old houses.

Stephen has his WASO Zoom session this evening, a good thing we had an early dinner at the restaurant. It was a relief to have the meal over and done with, no dishes or mess. The food was quite nice, eat in food for the price of takeaway in the city. We liked that they served main meat meals with lots of vegetables included. The restaurant takeaway section was very busy.

It was a short drive back to our camping area.

My Adobe apps are updating and I can’t process any of the photos from today until it all finishes. Raw, unedited photos instead!

Yerdani Well this morning
Yerdani Well. It was very cold in the van this morning and as you can see we weren’t parked directly in the sun. Having a wash was a bit challenging.
Kalgoorlie Bushland Park (not it’s proper name) this evening. Trees are the same, but we didn’t have the smoke bush.
From my evening walk.

Our overnight spot should have good sun in the morning. The weather forecast is for another cold start to the day and we hope to not only have sunlight for recharging the batteries, but also have the warmth.


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    • It’s really windy today and showers forecast for tomorrow, but no actual storm forecast.

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