Our next adventure

We’ve had a busy few weeks with choir singing on Zoom, French classes on Zoom, and a FaceTime meet up with the Writing Group. We’ve had Matt over to lunch a couple,of times as well as visits to Mum. We are still feeling a bit cautious about meeting with people, but ventured out to lunch at a cafe in Mandurah last Sunday. Under the new social distancing rules, of course.

We were in Mandurah because Robyne, my younger sister, has moved there to be closer to her daughter. Naturally she has found the move extremely stressful and tiring. Marie and myself, plus husbands, also got involved. Stephen and I put some extra stuff that the removalist didn’t take into our van and followed the others down to the new house (Robyne’s Nest). We helped a bit with unpacking though her daughter and husband did the most, and managed to ensure that she was comfortable for the first night, with everything she needed.

We had a late start the day after and Robyne did not feel like getting into more unpacking. Stephen and I had a walk to the Serpentine River nearby, then we all went to have lunch at a local cafe. The photo at the top was taken on our walk near the river.

The cafe

There is a marina on the inlet near the cafe, plus an attractive park and walkway.

Stephen and then drove to my older sister’s house where we stayed the night. We had a plan to clean Robyne’s Villa on Monday morning and their place is much closer than ours. The settlement was on Wednesday and she moved on the weekend before so that her daughter could help with the move. So, we had lots of time to clean and between the four of us did quite a good job. Usually, when moving out there isn’t time to do a thorough cleaning. We felt quite virtuous.

Both nights were spent in our little Campervan and it was a treat as well as hopefully being helpful for Robyne.

Our next adventure, beginning tomorrow, is to go to Lake Ballard to see the sculptures. It will also give me an opportunity to visit Kalgoorlie. We’ve been across the Nullabour three times without going a few extra kilometres from Coolgardie. When we checked on the map we can do a circuit, continuing after Lake Ballard to Leonora, then Mt Magnet, before turning homewards. It is only about 350 kilomtres more than going back the way we came. We estimate being away for about two weeks, but it may be a little longer.

I saw my mother today and she seems well. She loves the beautiful tree outside her window, it’s almost like it has become her good friend. I sat next to her on her bed and could see that the tree fills the window and is indeed very lovely. She said she likes her room and being looked after by the staff.

We’ve spent this afternoon and evening doing some packing. Our first stop tomorrow is Meckering, which is only just over 100 kms away. Our plan is to get ready in the morning and leave by about 11.30. That means we are not in a rush and shouldn’t forget things.