Day 3 – Westonia to Yerdani Well

The adventure continues. We woke up to a cold and sunny morning. It became a bit grey by late morning, but it looks like fine weather here at Yerdani Well, which means we are in for another cold night. Our level 3 doona is just right for these temperatures, we were too warm the first night.

Stephen noticed a bit of metal in the front driver’s side tyre. We didn’t know if it would cause a slow leak or what. We woke up early and were on our way by about 9.30, but still had to drive to the dump point and then to a water point to fill up our tank and water bottles. Stephen became attached to the Gopro and has done quite a lot of video today, which we will put into a movie at some stage. I recorded some video first thing to capture bird sounds.


At Southern Cross we found a tyre and automotive shop. After a 20 minute wait we were attended to by a young woman (Joyce we think her name is) who inspected the problem and applied some soapy water to confirm there was no leak. We then drove close to the workshop so that she could pull out the metal. It confirmed that it had not actually penetrated very far at all. I’d been getting notifications about checking our oil, so we asked her to show us how to do it.

We consulted the manual on how to get the hood unlocked, the manual was useful, but it is for a left hand drive vehicle, so it was actually on the opposite side from the picture. She confirmed that we needed oil and we opted to buy the whole container after she had filled up for us. It was a great experience to have a young woman as our mechanic, althoug she was slightly flummoxed by the Adria name, she hadn’t realised the vehicle is a Fiat.

She wore gloves to protect her hands whilst checking the oil, but her gear was suitably dirty, as you would expect working as a mechanic. She was pretty, with her hair worn long and tied back. We enjoyed the experience and were thankful she was thrown by the vehicle type and had to look up a suitable oil on her computer so that we didn’t feel too embarrassed about being relatively clueless ourselves. A good learning experience overall.

Having this done meant we were quite delayed. We drove down the road to try to find a nice place for lunch. We eventually settled on opposite the Yellowdine Roadhouse, handy for buying some no sugar coke (our evening treat instead of alcohol). Although Stephen’s laying on of hands did completely take away my tension headache I don’t feel like taking any risks just yet.

Our plan had been to make it to Coolgardie, but we have settled on this place, about 60 kms away. We will easily make it to Kalgoorlie tomorrow, where we plan to spend at least two nights to allow time to explore the town.

The Well in Yerdani Well is on the other side of the road from this campground. Just in case you are wondering why we don’t have a photo of it.