Day 5: a day in Kalgoorlie

We had a peaceful night last night, despite someone running a generator for a few hours. At least it was a consistent sound. We woke up to an increasingly strong wind which has continued all day. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and it has been quite warm, getting up to about 25.

One of the perks of the camp ground, apart from flushing toilets and a drinking water tap, is that a coffee van come in at 4.30 am to cater for shift workers. It is extremely popular and I had quite a wait for an excellent coffee. I was the only,person in PJs. I felt slightly self conscious, but flannelette PJs are good covering and I had my outdoor jacket over them.

We Zoomed into our French class from 10.00 to 11.00, then packed up and went out to the Superpit. We hung around for the daily blasting, which we heard, but could not see because it was on the other side from where we were. We have lots of Gopro footage of the area.

By the time we got back to the van I was over being out in the wind. We had lunch whilst we were waiting, so didn’t need food. Stephen took in a museum whilst I went to a cafe, Montys, which was nearby. He joined me when finished. He wanted to walk down the Main Street to look at the interesting old buildings, but I opted for driving slowly along to escape the heat and wind.

When we met up again we headed out to find our overnight spot, Lake Douglas. We’ve had to perch on a slightly sloping,pitch in order to have a view of the lake. It also avoids being in a potentially muddy situation in the morning. But we will need to be careful moving around in the night. It usually feel we don’t need levellers as we can always move around to find a level spot. However, in the case, we really want the view and this is the closest to level we could find.

The view from our van tonight.

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