Day 6: another day in Kalgoorlie

The rain came in the night and we were very glad to be on the hill above the campground. It was a bit noisy with cars going back and forth, including some very noisy young people who paused their car near our van.

The water in the little lake was quite muddy in the morning. We didn’t hurry away as we enjoyed being outside between showers of rain. I did a bit of hand washing and put it on an airer in a ‘convenient’ shelter.

The rest of the day it has been hanging in our little en-suite in the van. As it was cold, windy with showers until early afternoon it hasn’t made much progress. It was quite warm overnight last night and we are looking forward to having crisp, cold temperatures tonight.

Our first destination was Hannans North Tourist Mine. The entry fee was modest and we were allowed to go out and back during the day, which suited us as we took a break for lunch. I particularly loved the Chinese garden, something,of an,oddity as Chinese people were banned from Western Australian gold mines. Still, a Chinese/Australian foundation overlooked this detail to build a beautiful garden which is loved by the community here as a gathering place and wedding venue.

The wood does not take kindly to the hot, dry weather here, but the Chinese foundation found skilled craftsmen to do some major restoration in 2018.

Of course, the museum was mainly about the gold mining history here in Kalgoorlie.

I bought a tiny sample of gold for Matt. Despite weighing almost nothing it purports to be genuine gold.

We left at about 3.30 and drove back to the Main Street to look at some of the beautiful building and find a place for coffee. I switched to the camera for that part of the day and haven’t yet downloaded photos. So, none in this blog.

We drove back to the place where we spent our first night, filled our fresh water tank, and took up a parking position. There were a couple of other vans here when we arrived. We are cooking up a good meal of spaghetti bolognese with everything in the one pot. It should last us as a main course for about three nights.

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