Day 7: we made it to Menzies

We are revelling in having normal electricity and the ability to heat the van. We are staying in the Menzies Caravan Park for a couple of nights before going off to Lake Ballard.

This morning we found we had misjudged the sunrise, again, even though we were in the same campsite as the first night in Kalgoorlie. That meant we didn’t have the help of the sun to warm up the van. Mind you, we still coped quite well with the cold, especially having such a toasty warm bed to sleep in due to our wonderful winter doona.

We went shopping, had a committee meeting for the Working Voices Choir via FaceTime, dumped our toilet, had lunch and a rest at the Arboretum (Stephen had a walk), the filled up on fuel and set off for Menzies at about 2.30 pm. It only took us about 1.5 hours to get here. We booked in, I did a load of washing, Stephen had a shower (very good amenities here) and then we settled in for the evening. We’ve had washes, of course, but this is our first opportunity to actually have showers for a week.

We are looking forward to a lazy day, with some exploring, tomorrow. I will recharge camera gear ready for the famous Lake Ballard statues.

It’s a cold evening with beautiful pink/blue light.

See that straight parking. I did that while Stephen went to the office to book us in.

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