Progress: 16 days to go

Yesterday G came to pick up our keys. Stephen and he walked around showing various matters, such as the need for some watering of plants before the winter rains arrive. Although we like the comfort of having a house sitter (with a flat in London where we can stay), it involves a bit of thinking about how to prepare the house for him. He likes to use his own stuff, bedding and kitchen gear, so that part is fairly easy, we just have to get some things out of his way.

We met with Marie and Geoff at lunchtime. I had been ‘hoarding’ a 12 years old iMac. Geoff has an even older Mac that has finally come to the end its life and my iMac will have a new lease of life for him to play games and listen to music. That feels very satisfying and makes me glad I didn’t donate it elsewhere. Marie helped me with my patchwork, mainly being encouraging, and then we went to the Dumpling House for lunch. We ordered different types of food, the advantage of having at least four people, and ended up paying about $15.00 a head.

After lunch I slept for about an hour, for some reason am finding I need to actually sleep in the afternoons at the moment, rather than just resting. We think our present stress is because we are leaving soon, with another trip planned for soon after we get back. Once we are on the road we should feel better as life becomes much simpler.

tree (1 of 1).jpg
South Perth

Around 6.00 we decided to go for a walk, Stephen suggested a walk around the block, but I said I was willing to drive down to the river, so we went to the South Perth foreshore. It was surprisingly busy there, with a wedding in progress in the restaurant and a little Hawkers’ Market further along.

city (1 of 1)
the city from South Perth foreshore
sail boats (1 of 1).jpg
these little sailing boats are for hire


We didn’t have much appetite, so I suggested we buy something for tea. It wasn’t overly busy as most of the families appeared to have brought picnics. We were able to get a table to ourselves. The white picket fence was there because one of the stalls was selling alcohol and our laws require that that drinking is done in a prescribed area.

Stephen (1 of 1)
sharing a can of no sugar coke whilst we wait for our meal
grace? (1 of 1).jpg
Stephen appears to be saying grace. He doesn’t usually…

getting darker (1 of 1)

The walk turned out to be more interesting than we thought it would be. It’s lovely to see our parkland areas being used by lots of people. Something we have noticed overseas in cities where families live in apartments is that they get out into the local parks on mild evenings.


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