Today’s movie with Mum was the above. It was so long since we have both seen it that there was lots we didn’t remember. Along with the wonderful scenery and music, the story came up fresh for us. Mum said that she is very vague at the moment and I did say that it is because of moving into a new house (perhaps) where everything is different.

I spoke with Tracy beforehand, she said Mum is having lots of problems operating the airconditioners, so she has set the loungeroom one to come on automatically at 6.40 a.m. and turn off at 9.00 p.m. However, she had also managed to get the bedroom one mixed up.

I also checked her phone because she didn’t answer it this morning. It does seem to be a problem with the old phone, so I put one of her newer phones on instead, and it works for me. I hope she remembers how to use it. I put the answering machine on for her to use as well.

We had a little go at using the cooktop, but Mum does say that not having knobs is difficult for her, perhaps for anyone of her generation I would say.

Tuesday was a shift at the Vic Park house. I decided to catch buses to and fro, so of course it was raining when I left home. But lightly, and I had my jacket and a cover on the backpack, so it wasn’t a problem. I was able to get a 220 home and had a coffee at Antz before actually going home. As the supervisor was there I negotiated leaving a bit early as I had nothing to do. Still, it was a busy morning with lots of interaction with residents.

Stephen is cooking us a very nice smelling meal tonight. I brought home some special Mundaring Bakery loaves, not a big contribution, but something.

Our airconditioner wouldn’t work this morning and we have been lucky enough that someone will come out tomorrow morning to check it out. We got Error Message 99. Along with the other bits and pieces that are needing repair/replacing we are noticing that our hot water system isn’t working well, it doesn’t get very hot. Stephen has organised someone to come and look at it on Monday morning.

I didn’t go to HN last night to look at rangehoods, so we will have to fit that in sometime. Plus, getting an extra light fitting.




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