Friday feeling

Yesterday was spent getting some things done, including looking at rangehoods. We had some help and concluded that we did need to get one with a strong fan action, and the one rangehood that would easily fit is very low powered. It was suggested that we have the cupboards modified to take a fitted rangehood.

We got a couple of extra lights, and when we got home Stephen set up a time with the electrician to come and fit them. We will ask for advice about a rangehood.

The airconditioning man came and found that there was not really a problem, but he made an adjustment to the heat sensors so that we have two operating instead of one. The amount of warm air will be decided based on an average. It does seem warmer now, but the hole in the ceiling where the light fitting is falling down must mean that warm air is going into the roof space.

We have a great rehearsal at Myrna’s place in the evening, preparing for our gig on Saturday. But I went to bed feeling a bit dizzy and decided to phone in sick for my shift today. It was an afternoon shift, and it is possible that I could have done it, but the creaky neck and sore upper spine and shoulders suggest that the problem is stree. I was still feeling dizzy today, and have relaxed as much as possible. Whatever the problem it hasn’t affected my appetite, so can’t be too serious.

I know that the busyness of the next few days is causing stress, perhaps on top of all the strees of moving Mum and dealing with her condition.

Still, I did a couple of loads of washing, and prepared my music folder and camera bag for tomorrow. I had a couple of phone calls whilst resting this afternoon, which was good in terms of keeping me from sleeping. One was to say that our caravan is ready to be picked up. We plan to go over on Monday.  The other call was from Robyne who is having a problem at work.

The featured photo is from our travels in the East last year. Meandering down from Mildura to Canberra – somewhere on the journey.


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