The end of May

Saturday we made a good start, getting to the Wanneroo Showgrounds well before we were due. The expected crowds did not happen and the setup for the Urban Folk Festival was quite small. We had parking quite close to the performance areas. I think our performance went quite well, but we outnumbered our audience even though we were only about 14 people, plus Raelene. We were filmed by one of the choir member’s husband on my camera. He did it all in one take, 39 minutes. I am wondering how his hands and arms stood up to it! No feedback so far.

The link to the video is above. This is shot in 4k, converted by Film Convert to Apple ProRes, titles done in iMovie, then uploaded in 720p to Vimeo. The quality is still very good. We muffed some things, but it worked out well as a practice for Denmark. And it’s interesting that the video plays within WordPress through the link, or it does for me anyway.

Some of us decided to hang around, and we had quite a nice afternoon listening to music and sampling things from the food and coffee stalls. The duo ‘The Littlest Fox’ was the most popular – they actually ended up with a reasonable sized audience and we really enjoyed them, too.

The littlest fox
The Littlest Fox, taken on my iPhone 6s

Raelene has her own duo ‘Passion’s Flower’ and we liked her mix of covers and original songs.

We had tea of a sort of Hungarian sausage on a roll, decicious, and not too healthy!

On Sunday we went to Shakespeare 400, a filmĀ of a tribute to Shakespeare, with so many actors we know appearing in different roles, including as themselves. Even Prince Charles got into the spirit of it during a comendy sketch. There was a great deal of music and singing. All in all, well worth the $40 for both of us.

In the evening Matthew came. I was a bit worried because he was coughing sometimes, unable to really get up the stuff. But, he seemed very happy and enjoyed going around to our local pizza shop. He ate well, and was OK with me including a banana with his two tubs of chocolate mousse. Hidde rang after he got home, using Facetime, to apologise for forgetting to include his iPad. We were able to say that we would contact Matt next week on Facetime from Denmark.

Yesterday we had our water heater fixed, and now have very hot water again. Just a calcium buildup on one of the valves, apparently. Then we went to pick up our caravan. We had to wait there for a while, and had some coffee. Then they spent time with us going through how to set up the new awning at the back of the van, then how to use the caravan movers. Quite a lot to take in. Ken Peachy Caravan Repairs – definitely No. 1 for customer service.

We thought it would take time and practice to learn how to use the caravan movers, but in fact were able to put the caravan back into its little port using the remote. Success – and no prior experience, so maybe it isn’t too difficult.

Today I had a shift at the Victoria Park house and enjoyed the familiar routine and the other staff, the sleep shift person on until 8.30 a.m. and the afternoon person on from 1.00 p.m. I checked my payslip and timesheet, to find I’ve not been paid for a shift back in March, it seems because of a swipe problem. The swipe off shows up, but not the swipe on. I’ll need to follow up on that, the union advise that other people are having problems too. Normally if a swipe doesn’t work the supervisor checks with staff, but apparently that has stopped happening and people are just not getting paid.

Robyne’s issue is almost resolved, I think. Caitie has been providing support, bless her!

I helped with cooking dinner, a rare occurrence at the moment. I seem to have caught up on the lost sleep yesterday and did not feel overly tired from my shift. I also spent time making up the bed in the caravan and putting things back where they belong. We do leave a lot of things in the van when it goes to Ken Peachy, but not things that will obviously get in the way.

Sheryl New rang to say that we still don’t have confirmation that the buyer has finance approved for buying Mum’s house. But, there may be news tomorrow.