A wedding and preparing for Joy’s move

The wedding went quite beautifully, with everyone looking glamorous and nice vows and speeches. My photos from the ceremony worked out better than those from the reception. They had a photobooth which was used all the time we were there, which was until the dancing got underway.

_DSC2730 (2)
Big cousin looking after little cousin
The wedding party at the signing stage.

An exciting journey home with Google Maps taking us for a journey through the hills, including 3 kms on a gravel road.

The following day it was up early to go down to E’s to leave our car and take the train with her to Fremantle. We arrived in good time for the sound check. With help from Bernie and Stuart I was able to document our day.

At the end, Eversley took us to Wearne Hostel to see her friend and look around. Although the location is so wondering (near Cottesloe Beach and actually facing the ocean), it still felt very institutional to me.

It was a day with a lot of walking.

On Monday Stephen and I were able to make a bit later start. We helped Jamie and Tracy with packing before leaving later in the day.

Tuesday was a working day, a six hour shift at a group home which will soon be handed over to a new agency. I was very stressed and rather took it out on Stephen, ┬ábut there was a reason. E was talking about her brother taking a day out of his relationship each week, and Stephen gestured to me as if to say ‘why don’t I get this’. I was furious because he does actually get lots of time on his own whilst I am working or seeing Mum. He even gets nights to himself.

I am quite worried about my stress levels which get so bad that I can feel my body sort of vibrating. Talk about setting myself up for having a stroke! One of the stresses is that no matter how much the rest of us do Mum keeps asking for Robyne. Who is seeing less of Mum than any of us and is not available to help pack up or on the moving day.

On Wednesday I went to see Mum again. We had to go to Brookwood RE agency in Mundaring for an ID check and had lunch at the Dome next door. Tracy and Jamie had been there in the morning helping pack and sort things. I did some packing as well. Jamie also got impatient about Mum going on about Robyne. Mum keeps saying that she wishes she was moved already, which I understand, but it isn’t helpful when we are all doing so much to make it happen.