Monday feeling like Saturday

Because I worked Saturday afternoon at the Vic Park house, then Sunday morning in Yokine I am feeling like this is Saturday morning. We slept in, despite my alarm going off at the normal time of 7.00 a.m. After a couple of times I switched it off and went back to sleep.

The Sing for Health Concert on Friday night was very enjoyable, with the Gay and Lesbian choir the standout best choir. The Aboriginal choir was enjoyable and different. Even the Spirit of the Streets Choir had an outstanding soloist, a young woman whose name I don’t remember.

I took some photos when we got to the ending with everyone on stage.

Sing for Health Concert
Pass the Song Along at the Concert Hall on iPhone 6s

I went to see Jungle Book at Carousel with one of my residents on Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed the movie. The story moved along quite briskly, a new movie incorporating some of the old songs from a previous version. The animals were really well done and the child actor most engaging. I saw in Matt’s book that he has seen it as well. He said he watched the whole of the movie and didn’t need to get taken out. He did not admit to finding the tiger frightening!

I like working over at Yokine, but found the extra shift quite exchausting. I accepted it because it was a Sunday morning, which pays well, but had difficulty getting there because of the HBF Run for a Reason Event, and was even breathalized on Alexander Drive just before arriving. I was only 12 minutes late technically, but the stress of not knowing how long it would take me and how late I would be was the worst bit. Otherwise, I saw the full moon setting over cloud, a group of drummers practising on the side of the road on Stirling Highway and the runners going by on Thomas Street.

Matt was bright and chirpy on his visit and ate well. So, Stephen and I enjoyed his visit very much.


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