Friday morning

I was offered a night shift at Vic Park for Wednesday, so accepted it. I have quite a few shifts booked here because a couple of people are on leave and the LSL person wasn’t available to fill them. It seems a lot, but then on the next roster there are no gaps. It was just as well to take these shifts when they were offered. Sleep shifts are fairly relaxed here as I don’t have to get up to bath residents in the morning.

Matt’s little black bag with taxi vouchers, etc. went missing last week, but has been found. Thank goodness. Our usual choir rehearsal space is unavailable next week, but one of the choir members has offered her place for the rehearsal. This is a good option because most of us know where it is, it is free, and there is good parking. We are grateful as I was thinking of our place, but it is a bit small.

We have a few little projects underway. We need to replace a light in the dining area, plus our range hood is falling down. We will look at lights today after our China lecture, and may buy a range hood at the Harvey Norman sale on Tuesday night. Apparently it is a standard size – Stephen has already phoned the electrician. He said to get the items we need, then make a time for installation.

We also have the caravan booked in for next week for the caravan mover and awning to be fitted.

I’m not feeling overwhelmed at the moment, though that could happen! No photos this time, not even from my iPhone. There is a RED alert on for Saturday with a big store predicted. Maybe that will be an opportunity.

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