And I am at Mum’s place. When I arrived she was sitting with Melissa and Tracy, but we soon convened to to her place. On Monday Marie was here and the telephone problem was sorted out, I was able to ring her this morning to let her know I was coming.

She has had a letter from Dept of Transport giving her the opportunity to be assessed by her GP or lose her licence automatically on the 11th June. We made an appointment, but she then said that she did not want to go through an assessment. So, we cancelled the appointment. She spoke about feeling depressed and that she has nothing to do during the day. Partly it is because she doesn’t remember things, such as going to see Kailey dancing yesterday, or Marie being there on Monday. But, I do understand that not being able to drive feels restrictive, especially here where it is too far to walk to shops, etc.

She still hadn’t washed the sheets that were in her dirty clothes basket, so I put in the washing machine. I’ve brought a movie with me downloaded from iTunes, something I think we will both enjoy.

I am getting quite a bit of work being offered, and am accepting shifts mainly at the Vic Park unit. But, I even have a shift at Queens Park

booked for June. I need to be careful not to overbook as I have a couple of training days in June as well. But, it will help to pay for our next lot of caravan upgrades.

I worked at Vic Park Monday afternoon, a fairly easy shift.

At around 5.00 p.m. we went for a walk through to the new area close to the railway line. A long time ago it seems now we put an offer on a little house, but it was rejected because it was a ‘subject’ sale. We were pleased to see that the house looks in good condition. There is a park in the centre of the new homes, something very unexpected. The houses themselves are all two story homes of rather bland design. But, it is a very neat area and the park in the centre makes it seem far nicer than it appears when you are passing through on Miller Street. We then walked up to the Vic Park station, then down the highway on the way home. Not a long walk, but a bit longer than we originally planned based on our energy levels before we left.

The Square, Victoria Park new development

I spent time trying to sort out a video taken for a fellow choir member. The final product is quite nice, but I must work on the titles a bit before giving her a copy on Thursday night. She is going to seek more formal permissions before it possibly goes public on YouTube.

Today is rather nice weather, some clouds, some sunshine, and even a shower or two early this morning.

I’m enjoying the new spare room at Mum’s new place. It has a lovely view of the trees through a large window that I can see out of from the bed. Theoretically I am having a rest, but actually taking the opportunity to catch up with my blog. The room is still full of boxes, but there is just enough room to make myself comfortable.

The Spare Room

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