Our newish choir director returned on Thursday night and we had an enjoyable practice. She felt a bit unprepared, but we were enthusiastic and helped to carry the evening. We have a couple of concerts coming up, so lots to do to get ready.

Friday morning we had a lecture on China with Gary Sigley, this time on religion. As usual it was very stimulating. We then had lunch at the Rod Evans Centre and picked up some soups and meals for mum.

After a rest we finished getting ready and headed up to Mt Helena. We think this is the last time we will stay here. We are taking the caravan home tomorrow. Stephen suggested we get onto having a caravan mover fitted, and we have been able to get a date before we go to Denmark to take the caravan to them. As well, I have asked for a simple bag awning for the back of the van as cover for the door when it is raining. Both of these things should make it easier if we take the van up to stay at Jamie’s place, and, of course, any time we get to go away. I am glad we can have it done before taking the caravan to Denmark. One less thing to worry about.

I called in to see Mum. She was worried about running out of cigarettes, so we went to a couple of local places, but only succeeded in getting a single pack of 30s of the wrong brand. I dropped her back home, then Stephen and I went back at about half past six to have dinner with her. We shared two Rod Evans meals between the three of us. Mum was very vague and forgetful and also got agitated about the cat. He kept wanting to go into her house and she was almost getting angry with him. Tracy was out for the evening as it was her brother’s birthday and she went to the family gathering.

I went to Mundaring in the morning and got two cartons of her normal brand, plus two casks of wine as she has no spares on hand. When I got there, Tracy was just dropping off a carton, so that meant she has three cartons on hand, which should last quite a while.

Tracy said that it was time for Mum to pay her ‘rent’, which is not really rent, but a contribution towards electricity and other costs. We put the money in an envelope for her to collect. She will pay monthly, the second week of each month.

Mum was much more cheerful this morning and even said what a good cat Louie is, the difference of morning I guess. We went down to the other end of the house to visit with Melissa and the children. I think Mum liked that as well.

Stephen has been doing music practice in the kitchen, where there are some kitchen stools. We went to Lake Leschenaultia for lunch. The cafe is open at weekends and during the school holidays and they serve quite a variety of foods as well as good coffee. There were a lot of people camping, but tents and camper vans only, no caravans allowed. We had quite a nice afternoon and Stephen walked around the lake whilst I had a sleep in the car. It had been raining a bit in the morning, but the afternoon was quite fine and it is cooler tonight than last night.

Lake Leschenaultia 2 (1 of 1)

We cooked a simple tea, with fruit and a chocolate afterwards. We watched the movie ‘The last time I saw Paris’ – quite a long movie with Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor in the lead roles. Actually enjoyable enough to overcome the effects of terrible reproduction.

I’ve felt a strong sense of melancholy today, something to do with the environment, being relaxed, or whatever… Quite a pleasant feeling in a way. Odd.

Lake Leschenaultia path (1 of 1)


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