Winnie at home

We drove the Winnie (I drove, Stephen is co-driver) to Marie and Geoff’s in Roleystone. On the way we bought some fuel as the tank was under half full. As I was getting back in a lady asked ‘what is your next stop’ assuming we were travellers. That was a good feeling, even though we were essentially using the Winnie as a car. The plan was to leave it at Marie and Geoff’s place, parked alongside their carport, fairly out of the way. But, on the way I thought it would be an idea to take it back home again, just use the trip up there to get some practice driving and let them have a look inside.

Fortunately, Stephen agreed that we should keep it at home, especially as we had worked out that it would fit in the parking bay outside our little group of houses.

Parked on the street outside our house.

We are planning a couple of nights away next week and will need to set things up for the trip. But, it may also be good to get some more practice driving around. On the way out, we went to the shopping centre and parked near the library for Stephen to drop off a book. We basically want to be able to take it anywhere as once we are travelling we will want to be able to drive in towns as well as on the open road.

We enjoyed having lunch with Marie and Geoff. In fact, Winnie would not be able to be stored in the place next to the carport at the moment because of overhanging branches. It would have had to have been parked in their front yard, blocking the view and being in the way of getting their caravan out. The decision to drive it home again appears good all round.

When we arrived home I was very, very tired, perhaps from concentrating so much. The floor of the motorhome needs cleaning and we still have the outside of our caravan to clean and the car could do with a wash. I expect the Winnie’s floor will come first.

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