Winnie (the Pooh)

We have actually bought a motorhome and its sitting in our driveway temporarily as our neighbours are away. It’s 23 feet long and to put that into perspective, our car and caravan together are about 33 feet. In fact, it seems as tall as it is long.
Stephen was very sceptical, but even he is getting excited about this new phase n our travels in Australia. It’s 10 years old and we have the full service history since it was new. Bought from the same dealer who sold it new. So, we hope it doesn’t cost us a fortune in maintenance!

The bathroom has separate shower, toilet and basin and there is a slide out that increases the living area when parked. There’s a double bed with proper mattress in the caravan part and an extra bed over the cab. The dinette can also be made into a single bed, we won’t need that but Stephen is already thinking of motorhome exchanges with people overseas.
We are both excited and anxious about this purchase which is mostly funded by a pre inheritance gift from my mother.