An enjoyable lunch at Stilts and some light rain

Yesterday was our last full day in Busselton and we spent it mostly sitting around. We went to one of the nearby restaurants for lunch. They had larger servings than Colourpatch, though I ordered a small version of my choice, a pasta dish. Stephen had fish and chips and we shared a little,of each other’s,dish. This was followed up by a shared, generous serving,of,sticky date pudding and hot drinks. We sat there until after 3.00 pm to allow the UV level to go down a bit. Walking back along the ocean was lovely, as usual.

We took an evening walk along the path as we had the previous evening, but were chased back by rain. It wasn’t heavy, but we were a bit damp by the time we got back. There was the lovely smell of wet earth and plants. The family behind us who hadn’t bothered with putting up an awning suddenly were seated until a large shelter.

It was cool overnight and we enjoyed snuggling under our down doona. This morning was the Busselton Jetty Swim and we felt inspired by people getting up early to pack up after our showers and head down to the beach. Of course, by the time we were ready the swim was already over, but we found a boat ramp parking area with a view of the sea as a backdrop for having breakfast. We’d had difficulty getting the awning back in and may need to make sure we don’t take it quite all the way out to make it easier to wind next time.

We are taking it slowly going home, with a stop in Harvey for lunch. I’m not sure we will make it home tonight, we may need to park up and get there tomorrow morning. We’ve not yet heard from the gardener as to when they will start.