Making ourselves at home in Augusta

We have decided to stay a second night at the same campground in Augusta. It’s busier tonight than last night, but we still expect a quiet night of good sleep. I had my first proper shower this morning and was able to blow dry my hair in the en-suite style bathroom.

It was time for a little serious washing and we found our way to the laundromat where I was temporarily stumped by a lack of coins. Eventually, hopefully in my lifetime, we hope that we will be able to always pay by card, but it’s rare at the moment. A nearby Bankwest branch was able to come up with 20 $1 coins, they said they often supply change for the laundromat. As well as clothes I washed our towels and flannels.

There was a cafe nearby and I was able to enjoy morning tea whilst keeping an eye on the laundry about 5 minutes walk away. Stephen went in search of the museum, which was closed, then joined me at the cafe bringing his own paper as the cafe did not have one for him to read.

On the way to the cafe at the local hardware I was able to pick up a universal tap, often needed for access to fresh water and handy for us in case tourist information centres are closed.

Then, we went down to a beach a little past Colourpatch for lunch and a nap.

When we got tired of being lazy we drove out to the Cape to see the lighthouse. We were too late to go in, but spent some time admiring the coastline.

We checked out Flinders Bay on the way back to town.

A quick foray into the IGA for salads and fruit, then back to our campsite. Stephen has had a shower and I’ve done a small amount of washing of delicate stuff, now hanging on the line nearby.

We checked out a little cabin, expensive at $150 per night, but it is lovely. There is a yurt where yoga takes place and some ‘glamping ‘ tents, we don’t know how much they cost per night.

We’ve arranged to meet with Marie and Geoff for lunch at Colourpatch tomorrow. They are staying in Busselton, but don’t mind the drive down here. There is a lot to see and we may stay here another night before moving on to another location.

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