The day before the day before Christmas

Today looked like being the last day we could do any shopping. De Parade, our preferred restaurant has already closed for the holiday season, so we thought we had better be prepared to have our own Christmas food, just in case other restaurants are closed on Christmas Day as well. It meant a visit to Tesco which is a large supermarket located at bit out of the village.

We set off in the car without using the TomTom app on my iPad and after a while realised that we had missed a vital turning. Just as we were thinking of finding a spot to stop and set up navigation when we saw a Tesco on the other side of a roundabout. Well, what luck. It wasn’t the one we had planned to go to, but no problems – it offered pretty much the same stuff and a little Chinese restaurant where we had lunch. No English or Chinese language spoken (apart from dialect which we wouldn’t have a hope of understanding), but we could order by numbered pictures. As well, we were given a tiny bottle of Chinese wine. Stephen is not allowed alcohol, so it will be might treat at tea time.

I did the shopping whilst Stephen sat in the restaurant. It took quite some time to find everything we wanted. I bought printer cartridges for the printer in our apartment as it said it wanted a new black cartridge before it would print. But, I have spare colour cartridges as well because I wanted to try printing out some of my photos. I forgot to lighten them for printing, so a couple are really too dark, but I still like them.

There were a few stalls in the carpark selling live carp (of course), Christmas trees and local meat and bread. A couple of stall holders had their caravans or camper vans on site as well, this appears to be a normal thing – and must certainly add to the overall comfort in cold weather.

We have sat around for the rest of the afternoon not doing very much. Stephen still doesn’t feel very well and I just feel very tired indeed, probably from spending a few days at the hospital with Stephen.

We have two concerts booked straight after Christmas and Stephen hopes to be well enough to go.

The photo is from our walk across the bridge to Stara Boleslav on Saturday, before Stephen had the seizure.


Stephen comes home

Or at least to our little apartment in Brandys N.L. We needed milk, so went out to get some basic stuff from the Penny Market. There was a stall with tubs of life carp in the car park, so that was interesting for us. They are huge beasts. The stall owners had a caravan set up with power and water, plus water running through three large tubs for the fish.

I caught a taxi at 9.00 a.m. this morning. Stephen had already advised me by text that he would be discharged today, but he didn’t know the time. We spoke to the young doctor who confirmed that he would have the report ready by 2.00 p.m. He was right on time and spoke to us for a while about Stephen’s condition. He has recommended a different medication, we are not sure what it is for, so will check up. The report is in Czech, so we will have to do a Google translation to understand it completely. He mentioned the ban on driving, which we already knew about.

Stephen said he is feeling better today, with little or no nausea and no headache.

I rang Matt before I left, but he had gone out to visit a neighbour with Hidde. When we eventually rang it was about 8.00 p.m. for him, but he was still happy to hear from us. We just used Skype to talk with him, not doing a FaceTime, partly because it costs more on the 4G, and partly because it would show the hospital. We will have a proper FaceTime on Christmas day – morning for us and evening for Matt. Hidde recommends apple cider vinegar, a spoonful in a glass of water, if you eat too much Christmas lunch as it helps with digestion.

How do we feel at the moment. I am grateful that the problem appears to have resolved, although the doctor said that everyone is different and he could not say for certain that Stephen would not have more problems. We had a call from the Allianz nurse today who was very kind and helpful. She said they will phone again in a couple of days to see how Stephen is going.

Wednesday morning, 23rd December, 2015

Stephen seemed to sleep well, but reports his body feels a bit ‘sensitive’ – perhaps the after effects of the clenching of muscles in the seizure.

We have a beautiful sunny day here in Brandys, I can’t see any clouds at all from our side of the building. We don’t need any heating as the sunshine on the windows is warming things up beautifully. Anyway, with the temperature at 9 degrees outside it isn’t especially cold. No hope of a white Christmas – alas.