On Sunday morning I went to Roleystone to see Marie and Geoff. I wanted to talk with Marie about the possibility of Mum having and ACAT assessment, and she agreed. We also caught up on other things, including thinking about a trip north in our caravans. We decided on the first week in July after school term starts, which is the 18th July.

I asked if I could see their new caravan air conditioner. Their van feels quite spacious compared with ours, they have always had a more powerful car for towing and can take the extra weight. There is quite a lot of kitchen bench space and extra seating. Quite a step up from the old van they had for about 20 years. This one isn’t new, but the design of the interior is very effective.

Matt came about 4.30. I had talked with Hidde about Matt’s clothes for going to the wedding. Although he is going with Matt, no one had told him about the new clothes and Matt had worn his new clothes on an outing to a movie. Hidde said that Matt did not enjoy the movie (Star Wars) and I said that we found he doesn’t seem to like going to movies either. However, in both cases, the movie was fairly loud. Maybe he would enjoy a different type of movie.

Matt appeared to have a ‘wet’ cough, I don’t remember him having it on Thursday when I gave him a drink. His powered chair has him reclined more than is safe (with regard to eating and drinking), and I think he finds it too far back as well.

I did some more practice with driving the chair, I wanted him to have a go as well, but could’t work out how to rig it up for him.

Today I did some housework in the early morning, then we went to the Mount Hospital clinic for Stephen’s stress test. He did not find it a problem, though he said he was not inclined to push things too far. Afterwards we went down to Beaches for lunch and spent some time there enjoying the sunshine.

We had a couple of extra meals from the dinner I cooked yesterday for Matt, so we had one tonight. It has been very humid all evening, and although it isn’t very hot, it is somewhat uncomfortable. I normally shower twice a day, but had an extra one today.

I took an early morning walk on Sunday. Much too early for this market.
Victoria Park Hotel (1 of 1)
After Matt left on Sunday we took a short walk to enjoy the evening light.
Cottesloe Beach this afternoon.

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