Friday 16th June, 2017

A Travel Day

Marla South Rest Area to SA/NT Border Rest Area

This has been our first warm day. We don’t know what the official temperature is because we are internet free at the moment, but possibly 26 or 27 degrees. The sun has set and it is still very pleasant, just cooling down a bit.

With warmth come flies. I find myself making the acquaintance of people as we wave, apparently at each other, but actually at the flies.

We had a very peaceful night last night. In the end there were about six different sets of campers, three caravans, one bus, one couple with a car and tent, and us. Three of the people had campfires.

We were only about 30 kms from the Marla Roadhouse, so after our very relaxing (no internet) cup of tea, we had our washes and set off for the Roadhouse. We filled up the Winnie and had our first gas bottle refill of the trip. We started with two full bottles, and considering all the free camping we have done, this seemed a very good outcome.

The fridge was smelly on the gas, which was a sign that we were getting low.

Then, we drove to a quiet spot and had breakfast. We had 3g internet, but it was very slow. I managed to connect with Della on WeChat, but could not upload my blog. I tried for some time, but then gave up. We caught up on a bit of the news and read our emails.

I had two lots of postcards to send to Mum and Matt, so sent both at once. I’ve got some extra stamps to make it easy for sending the next ones.

After a rather frustrating time with the slow internet we went to the dump point.

And then, on our way. We tend to stop at most rest areas, just to check them out. The nicest was at the Agnes Creek Rest Area, which reminded us of the Pilbara.

Agnes Creek Rest Area (1 of 1)

We had choices of what to do, but opted for another free camp site, and have ended up at the border rest area. It is sealed, so no red dust tonight, but we have close neighbours, including someone with a bad cough, so not sure if this is the right place for us. There is camping across the road, but the drive is deeply rutted and we didn’t think we had enough clearance.

on the way to the border (1 of 1)
a view from the road

We are next door to another Winnebago Free Spirit, rather newer and shinier than ours. I took a photo of them together, covering up their number plate for privacy.

A tale of two Winnies (1 of 1)

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